In this world of ever-increasing data and information, it is only logical for a firm to think about Business Process Automation to reduce the running cost. This will enable the firm to not only increase the business productivity but also empowers the firm to know what they need to know at the right time. It can be a daunting task on hand for a team to wait for the IT Operations to get the ad-hoc reports which in turn increases the cost of the operations. The business intelligence will enable the end user to initiate the process which has been […]

Business Intelligence (BI) is a smart data analysis process. Businesses adopt them to boost their performance by gaining valuable insights into their critical operations by using BI reporting applications and analytics tools. A growing number of BI tools, software applications and infrastructures are being developed and deployed by enterprises around the world. From the identification of inefficient practices within an organization and the discovery of new operating opportunities to better work management and a real competitive edge in the market, businesses have been reaping dynamic results from the use of BI tools and applications. It is thus not surprising that, […]

AI-enabled technologies have a remarkable position in triggering the capabilities of businesses. Be it about smart robots, autonomous vehicles, Machine Learning, or Deep learning technologies, Artificial Intelligence has made its roots powerful across the world. The rising complexities of business have given birth to the commercial adoption of AI in business analytics systems across industries. Besides, AI education has evolved to incorporate business intelligence into the curriculum since these AI skills can contribute to improved productivity in the workplace. The major use of Artificial Intelligence in Business Intelligence tools is to drive actionable insights from complex databases and augment enterprises […]

Octopai introduces a cloud-based metadata search engine tool to provide Business Intelligence (BI) groups with full visibility and control of metadata that is scattered across many different BI systems within an organization. By centralizing and automating metadata, Octopai enables BI groups to quickly and accurately discover and govern shared metadata. By taking the guesswork out of metadata management, Octopai dramatically reduces costs, increases productivity and minimizes risks incurred by inaccurate data while turning weeks of manual work into minutes. Business Intelligence groups commonly manage metadata by using proprietary, silo-based tools that support only a single BI system (ETL tools, databases […]

Implementing business intelligence in your organization can be a hard job. Regardless of the company size and niche, it takes time, resources (and failed trials) to get new tools, learn new processes and set in place strategies that will get the job done. If business intelligence tools are implemented in the right way, the ensuing analytics environment will end up speeding various operational workflows. But, as much as this estimated $14 billion industry is making inroads in various organizations, there are still challenges that go with it. According to Gartner, “There still remains a 70% likelihood that a BI project […]

Simply put, machine learning (ML) is a process a software application uses to actively learn from imported data, using it in a way humans would use past experiences as a part of their learning process. Business intelligence (BI), on the other hand, is a complex field representing a process that depends on technology to acquire, store, and analyze business-related data. The goal of BI is to reach optimal courses of action in as short time as possible, so the process includes several different aspects, such as analytics, predictive modeling, performance management, data mining, etc. MIT Sloan reports that, according to […]

Operational intelligence (OI) enables continuous evaluation of information leading to timely action. It leverages live stream data. With Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, the underlying data is stale, so the platform is predicting future conditions based on past information. The data is there for mining and can provide insights, but it’s always within the context of what’s already occurred. Operational Intelligence closes the gap of things that occurred in the past and those that are happening in real time, which allows people to make impactful context-based decisions. It also enables course corrections, so if the business is a ship, then OI […]

Data analytics technology has led to a number of impressive changes in the financial industry. A growing number of financial professionals are investing in data analytics technology to provide better service to their customers. The market for financial data in the United States alone is projected to be worth over $20.8 billion by the end of this year. Both small financial institutions and large conglomerates are leveraging data analytics to improve efficiency, mitigate fraud and deal with an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Naren Vijay of India Times has discussed some of the ways that data analytics is changing the financial […]

Did you know that global companies are projected to spend nearly $1.6 trillion on AI by 2030? The demand for AI services is growing due to the many powerful benefits it offers. Various applications, from web-based smart assistants to self-driving cars and house-cleaning robots, run with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). With the growth of business data, it is no longer surprising that AI has penetrated data analytics and business insight tools. Business insight and data analytics landscape Most traditional business insight tools are no longer capable of processing and visualizing the growing volumes of complex data coming from […]

When quality data is used for insights, enterprise businesses perform better. Extracting these insights from high volumes of data requires a robust and seamless data integration system. Businesses store their data in a variety of formats from databases to data warehouses. Information gets added to these data stores on a daily basis, although much of the information is incomplete or inaccurate. Last spring, we did a post on trusting your data that addresses scrubbing your data of some of these inaccuracies on a smaller scale. However, extracting analysis-worthy information from a flood of big data is critical (albeit challenging due […]